Affordable Home Collections by RB

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Affordable Home Collections by RB   

      (The Deeper Matters of Home Improvement)         



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This site is comprised of detailed descriptions of each of the six, ultra-modern personal messages/moments relative to home maintenance and improvement policy in the United States.

Each was originally transcribed and edited from audios by RB formerly marketed online as they became available.  However, since page lengths for each varied from 17-64 pages, with prices ranging from $3.17 - 6.95, it was decided that they should be consolidated into a single book at a reasonably discounted price.

["Contract for Home Services" because of its significance encompassing very detailed cutting-edge home maintenance and  improvement contract reading, writing, and negotiating, remains the only of this first wave of the "Message Series" on sale by itself, as well].I'm completely assured that once you've reviewed these descriptions that you'll be convinced that "Power in the House!" is truly worth a lot more than its amazingly discounted price.  But then, better yet,  you'll find it worth insurmountably more than what money can buy!



Hi..... I'm R.B. Roberts

Briefly, I began my profession in the building-service trades in Brooklyn, NY more than 40 years ago with my dad. He was a sort of master maintenance man and overall trouble-shooter whose influence remains with me till this very day.

Although, through the years, much of my work in this realm has been intermittent due to career changes ranging from the performing arts to various unrelated business ventures, I've found nothing more satisfying than just fixing things.

Now that I'm a bit older and a bit closer to saying

"tah-tahhh" to this life, I find there to be an even
greater challenge in the building-services trades: being of assistance to a far greater number of people in the private home sector, all at once, through being part of the solution against residential contractor fraud.



Of course, I stake no claim to perfection since I've made my mistakes along the way. However, they were made long, long ago. That is where quite a bit of our refining comes from. We live, we learn, we share. The older we get, the greater our appreciation of others and the greater our sensitivity against being threatened and pounced on by residential menaces.

The significance is that, the most sacred place in society is not the temple, synagogue, or church. Instead, it's your home. Your home is your hub of happiness while you're still in this world. I've seen the fall-out from this hub of happiness quickly transformed into a den of thieves and a seething web of hell at the hands of dishonest relatives and residential contractors.

The crux of this vulnerability is a lack of adequate information and the absence of an aggressive support system. In this light, a prime objective of this webpage is to help fix the situation to your permanent benefit.

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